Increase NPM install speed

An interesting fact is that NPM install packages much faster when the progress bar is switched off. Note that this works with NPM 3.x as the previous versions don’t have a progress bar. 

Test commands and results:

With progress bar: 51.783 total
$ rm -rf node_modules
$ npm set progress=true
$ time npm install
$ npm install 19.46s user 6.26s system 49% cpu 51.783 total

Without progress bar: 39.855 total
$ rm -rf node_modules
$ npm set progress=false
$ time npm install
$ npm install 16.29s user 5.47s system 54% cpu 39.855 total

While the progress bar looks pretty fancy and does give some feedback, disabling it might save you some time, especially if you have a bunch of packages to install.

Tested with NPM 3.10.3

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