Syncing Korg Volca to Arturia MicroBrute

MicroBrute Firmware configurationI recently adopted some Korg Volca’s in my setup, and they work really nicely together, especially when synced. As my MicroBrute’s internal clock was already set by default, I had to change that to allow it to sync to external devices. Thank’s to this blog post, it was very straightforward to get it all set up in some minutes.

Below are the quick steps to achieve that:

  1. Download MicroBrute’s Firmware
  2. Open MicroBrute’s software configuration tool and set ‘Step On’ to ‘Gate’
  3. Set ‘Sync’ to ‘Auto’ (Synchronized on any external clock. If there is no clock, it is synchronized on the intern clock)
  4. Set ‘Step’ = 1/4
  5. On the MicroBrute, set ‘VCA’ to ‘ENV’
  6. Connect the Volca Sample’s ‘Sync Out’ to the MicroBrute’s ‘Gate In’

This configuration should also work with other devices besides the Volca’s. Below is a quick video to demo the MicroBrute synced to a Korg Volca Sample.

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