Plugging a guitar to the MicroBrute

Connect a guitar to MicroBruteAs ridiculous as it might sound, it certainly works. I was curious to know whether the MicroBrute’s modules will process the sound from my guitar. Wondering wasn’t enough.

The easiest part was plugging the guitar output jack in the MicroBrute’s audio input. Made sure the Input Level was set to maximum. As I could still hear sounds when pressing any key, I had to turn off the oscillators. At that point, pressing any key didn’t give me a single sound, but strumming the guitar did output the sound processed by the brute’s filter. Sweet. I now can use the synth to add some colours and vibes to my guitar’s occasionally shy sound. Might not fit in some setups, but worth experimenting with, especially if you don’t have any pedals.

I made a quick video to briefly explain how to set it up and how it can sound.

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