Adding externals to Pure Data (vanilla distribution)

While playing around with Pd vanilla, I noticed that there were some issues regarding the externals, in my case. I was running it directly from my Downloads/ folder, and all the core objects were running fine, apart from the external ones. This sounds like something obvious, and the solution to that is pretty simple, even though it’s very easy to miss. Continue reading “Adding externals to Pure Data (vanilla distribution)”

Alda, music programming language for minimalists

Alda programming mac terminal vimI came across an interesting open source tool called Alda which basically uses command line interface to compose music. It’s a music programming language with a simple syntax which can be used to compose MIDI scores in a text editor.  Continue reading “Alda, music programming language for minimalists”

Change upload file size in Nginx / PHP-FPM environment

Increase upload max filesizeIt all started on a day when I had to increase the size of a file upload field in Drupal. Changing upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in php.ini wasn’t enough as those needed to be changed in the server’s config as well, Nginx in my case. Continue reading “Change upload file size in Nginx / PHP-FPM environment”

Syncing Korg Volca to Arturia MicroBrute

MicroBrute Firmware configurationI recently adopted some Korg Volca’s in my setup, and they work really nicely together, especially when synced. As my MicroBrute’s internal clock was already set by default, I had to change that to allow it to sync to external devices. Continue reading “Syncing Korg Volca to Arturia MicroBrute”

Killing a process gracefully

There have been a lot of talk and discussions about whether to use kill -9 (pid) or not. I deducted that the ‘safest’ way to kill a process is to use SIGTERM (15) instead of SIGKILL (9). SIGKILL technically terminates a process immediately, whereas SIGTERM requests for process termination and handles it smoothly. In other words, kill -9 is more like pulling the plug while kill -15 is shutting down in a proper way.  Continue reading “Killing a process gracefully”

Documenting APIs with apiDoc

When implementing a RESTful API, it is crucial to document it in details during development. Trying to use an un-documented API is like operating a complex device without a manual. Nowadays, there are several online platforms and softwares to assist developers with API documentation. Those work fine, indeed, but just did not suit my needs.  Continue reading “Documenting APIs with apiDoc”

Getting started with Siege (Mac OS X)

I needed a proper tool to load test my Node.js application and do some benchmarking. After doing some research, consulting some colleagues and trying some tools, Siege was the one that I decided to use. Siege is an http/ftp load testing and benchmarking utility designed for developers and administrators to measure the performance of their applications under load.
Continue reading “Getting started with Siege (Mac OS X)”